1. Day - Monday 5.9. 2011
Introduction and Site Visits (start 10:00)

10:00 Meet at Hotel Chellah
- Welcome and Introduction of AA Visiting School
and Presentaion of last Workshop results
Medine Altiok and Stephanie Tunka
- Presentation of the the 5 sites
Stephanie Tunka, Omar Belbachir, Imad
Dahmani, Lahbib El Moumni

12:00 Tour Old Port with Nawfal Bakhat
13:00 Continue by bus from the Gate of the port
- Travel the Coast with Nawfal Bakhat visting:
14:00 Lunch in Ksar Seghir
15:30 Tanger Med Port
17:00 Belyounech
18:00 Bus back to Tangier

2. Day - Tuesday 6.9.
How to see? Urban Portrait (start 9.00)

9:00 Morning Lecture
Medine Altiok
10:00 Intro Exercise 1: Urban Portrait
Medine Altiok and Stephanie Tunka
11:00 Site visits in individual groups
Tangier Old Port area, Ksar Segir, Tanger Med
Port, Benyounech and Ceuta
17:00 Meet back in the Studio
... Studio work

3. Day - Wednesday 7.9.
How to act? Landscape Ecology (start 9.00)

9:00 Morning Lecture
Stephanie Tunka
10:00 Intro Exercise 2: Landscape Ecology Part 1
Medine Altiok, Stephanie Tunka, Shany Barath
... Studio work
12:30 Lunch Lecture
Sumita Sinha
... Studio work
19:00 Presentation of Results and Evening Talks
Aziza Chaouni
Yto Barrada with Film Screeening at the
Cinematheque Tanger