On going

Dubrovnik, Tangier, Beirut, Algiers, Alexandria, Izmir, Palermo, Tunis

Mittelmeerland is a research project investigating the future of the Mediterranean Sea as a territory of water. It consists of two parts:

1: Mittelmeerland Atlas by Medine Altiok, that visualizes and explains invisible relationships such as economic, social, political and cultural transformations of the Mediterranean as a whole, as well as present and future spatial changes of port cities. The atlas shows the spatial changes and territorial dependencies of water, land and port cities in the form of cartographic drawings.

2: Mittelmeerland Handbook, a Design Guide for the future and lasting planning of Mediterranean coastal cities, to serve as tool to connect cities and explore share issues with various aspects including ecology, climate, sustainability, culture and nature. The Handbook was initiated in a series of AA Visiting Schools (Dubrovnik, Tangier, Beirut, Algier, Alexandria, Izmir) and has been continued with various exhibitions, cultural Activities, such as the participation in the architectural Biennale in Venice 2016 and further workshops in Palermo - Tunis 2021.

Process and Methodology
The Mediterranean Sea is not only situated between continents, but also acts as a historical and contemporary centre and border zone. The social, economic and political dynamics of this zone are complex. In the last century the Mediterranean has been separated through politics, religions, fear of clash of cultures etc. Unified by climate and the history of civilization, the Mediterranean region has the potential to be seen as a geographic unit. Over the next 15 years major Mediterranean port cities expect rapid changes, because of the growth of global trade and container shipping. Regardless of current national borders, cultural and economic transformations the fact is that the Mediterranean Basin is among the four most significantly altered biodiversity hotspots on Earth. Mittelmeerland uses a comparative approach about the whole Mediterranean with detailed case studies of six locations . By analysing current Urbanization and Future developments we aim to generate strong, narrative statements in the field of Urbanism, Architecture, Sociology and Art.
Approaching cities from the sea we initiated a series of workshop sessions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Tangier (Morocco), Beirut (Lebanon), Algiers (Algeria), Alexandria (Egypt) and Izmir (Turkey).The purpose of the workshop is to examine how the Mediterranean region can position itself as a 'territory', one that is based on climatic and economic conditions, and subject to specific social, political and spatial dynamics and experiences. What can each city do to turn the Mediterranean from one of the largest Hotspots of the world into an Eco Spot? How can the Mediterranean Sea region position itself as a ???territory'? What does changing and shaping urban space mean for the 1:1 everyday use? What are similarities and differences by comparing cities? We conduct these workshops together with local and international students of architecture and related disciplines and involve the expertise of professional designers, cities, institutes etc. in the research and design process during the preparation and as well as while being on site.
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