Programme Directors

Medine Altiok a German-Turkish architect graduated from the AA in 2000. She is the founder of MOCA Office for Culture and Architecture based in Zurich and initiator of a series of research projects dealing with cultural, political and economic changes in the Mediterranean. She has been teaching at ETH Zurich since 2005 with Momoyo Kaijima (Atelier Bow Wow, Tokyo) and Prof. Felix Claus (Claus en Kaan, Amsterdam). Together with Stephanie Tunka, she is programme director of the AA Visiting School Mittelmeerland series.

Stephanie Tunka graduated in 2001. After that she collaborated with Mecanoo Architects and TU Delft in the Netherlands. In 2006 she moved to London to join Foster + Partners. Over 10 years, she designed and realized various projects dealing with a contextual approach, different urban densities and innovative environmental concepts for waterfronts in Europe, North Africa and America. Together with Medine Altiok, she is programme director of the AA Visiting School Mittelmeerland series.

Partners, Tutors and Local Collaborators

Christopher Pierce is an Intermediate Unit Master at the AA, director of the AA's Visiting School and writes widely on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century drawings as well as contemporary building criticism. He studied at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and gained a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. Among his recent publications are essays on Ron Arad's Design Museum, 'In Praise of the Harpoon' (Log, 2010); EMBT's Shanghai Pavilion, 'Chinese Whispers' (Urban Flux, 2010); and, with Tom Weaver, 'In Conversation with Léon Krier' (AA Files, 2010). He formed Mis-Architecture with Christopher Matthews in 2000.

Tomas Klassnik MA(cantab) MA(RCA) ARB is a UK qualified architect and director of The Klassnik Corporation, an interdisciplinary design practice focused on the communication of ideas through architectural speculation. Recent built projects include a Ping Pong Parlour in Soho, studio and gallery spaces in Shoreditch, landscape interventions for the 2012 London Olympics and a Pop Out Shop for Puma. Other projects include proposals to adapt cities affected by climate change, augmenting historic landmarks on London's skyline and contacting the spirit of Le Corbusier.


Nacym Baghli describes himself as an ]architect[™. He aspires to 'resist' to the profession as presently practiced, confiscated by some disciplines and other business sectors. He founded arfen/baghli architects in 1995. Nacym graduated from the EPAU in 1994 with honors and is working actually as postgraduate fellow in the field of Preservation. He teaches at the EPAU and founded in 2010 the fen/CLUB, a group of discussion confronting architecture to other disciplines. He studies the Carcass and he is projecting the vision el-djazaïr20xx through his fen(R)esearch program.

Is a Swiss architect and lecturer based in Switzerland. In 2009 he graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technlogies in Lausanne both in Architecture and in Territorial Development. He has been working with several artists and architects both in Switzerland and in Spain. He teaches since 2012 construction in Fribourg College of Engineering, Switzerland, to first year students in architecture. With Guillame de Morsier he founded in Lausanne in 2010 the office Kunik de Morsier architects.

Guillaume de Morsier is a Swiss architect graduated from EPFL in 2009. He worked for the office KCAP in Rotterdam and Zurich as urbanist and researcher for large scale urban planning projects during two years. He is co-founder of the office Kunik de Morsier architects and lecturer at the Fribourg University of Applied Sciences, currently working on several projects and researches on social housing developments and adaptations in Switzerland and abroad.

is an Algerian-French-Swiss architect and researcher based in Switzerland and in the Netherlands. She graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio and the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Her research addresses recent developments and redevelopments of cities in North Africa. She focuses on strategies that activate social cohesions and employ local knowledge for smart global effects. She cofounded SMART Planning Network, an international open network for the global south. She has been teaching at the Berlage Institute and the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague with Prof. Thomas A P van Leeuwen.

Gunnar Ploner is an Architect and Urban Designer from Innsbruck, Austria. He received his diploma in Architecture with distinction from the Studio of Stefano de Martino at the University of Innsbruck..He is the founder of the Lagos Urban Research Group, a global research and design collective specialized in urban the development of mega-cities in developing countries. Gunnar is teaching at the University of Innsbruck. His personal and professional work has been awarded and exhibited internationally such as the Guggenheim Museum and the Center for Architecture New York.

Philip H.Saleh recently completed his master's degree in Sustainable Environmental design from the AA. His interest in the field goes back to his final project from AUB 1998. He easily alternate from design to execution, currently he is technical manager on the execution of 3 high rise towers. In parallel he started environmental research to understand the interaction of the Lebanon built up fabric with the different climatic zone of the country, and how passive design could reduce the dependence on energy.


Yasmine Bouhelouf, Manel Amoura, Esma Yamina Tebib, Nadia Akrour, Isma Abdelatif, Kahina Said Aissa, Chelbi Ddjamel Eddine, Amira Zouaoui


Plarent Berhamaj, Mohammed Nassim Bensedik, Rachida Mahdjoub, Amel Bellala, Esma Benkhelil, Ian Mathew Gillis, Sylvia Baumgartner, Khedidja Benniche, Burcu Kütükçüoğlu, Sari Mohammed Iklyl, Rachida Mahdjoub, Yasmine Bouhelouf, Manel Amoura, Esma Yamina Tebib, Nadia Akrour, Isma Abdelatif, Kahina Said Aissa, Chelbi Ddjamel Eddine, Amira Zouaoui


Ibai Rigby, Nacym Baghli, Burcu Kütükçüoğlu, Mariam Chabou, Tomas Klassnik, Guillaume De Morsier, Valentin Kunik, Amine Benaissa, Hamza Hafsi, Gunnar Ploner, Naima Chemrouk, Mohammed Larbi Merhoum, Youcef Chenanaoui, Nadia Djehal, Baouni Tahar, Ewa Assag, Maha Messaoudene, Belkalem Souici, Nabila Cherif,