Ecomuseum Urbano Memoria Mare Viva
1- 10 October 2021

With its heterogeneity and conflicts, its divisions and connections, the Mediterranean Sea offers an extraordinary microcosm of our planet as a whole. Our planet faces common challenges that escape the limitations of national states and of their bordered thinking. And yet, our political and social practices remain constrained by the mental and material borders of the nation. Until the creation of the Schengen space, the border between Tunisia and Sicily was porous: goods as well as seasonal workers, businessmen as well as ordinary citizens crossed the Mediterranean in both directions for work, tourism, curiosity, or family.
While Tunisia and Sicily have historic ties, the two countries feature contemporary realities that are starkly different from one another: How can we envision concrete practices of cooperation that unite citizens between two Mediterranean cities, divided by continent but connected by sea? The two spaces become a microcosm in bridge-making between north and south. Putting the cities of Tunis and Palermo at the centre stage of this concrete attempt at unionising, what can local cross-border alliances and practices between the two cities and their various interest groups set in motion? If the Mediterranean offers a prism through which to observe and understand our world, envisioning new unions that cross and connect its two shores becomes a concrete gesture of healing for a divided planet.

Architects, researchers, artists, museum directors, critics and other relevant actors from the cities of Palermo and Tunis.

Medine Altiok, Stephanie Tunka

Studio Rizoma, Dream City Biennale Tunis, Theater Bremen, Ecomuseo Urbano Mare Memoria Viva, Kulturstiftung, BKM, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Goethe Institut Palermo, Department of Architecture University of Palermo

The workshop is free of charge

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The workshop is open to urbanism, architecture, sociology and art students and professionals worldwide. There are different levels of participation: as a full-or part-time participant and experienced professionals and teachers can participate as a guest critic or lecturer.

All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for travel and accommodation and for securing any visa required.

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