Mittelmeerland is a research project investigating the future of the Mediterranean Sea as a territory of water. It consists of two parts:

1: Mittelmeerland Atlas by Medine Altiok, that visualizes and explains invisible relationships such as economic, social, political and cultural transformations of the Mediterranean as a whole, as well as present and future spatial changes of port cities. The atlas shows the spatial changes and territorial dependencies of water, land and port cities in the form of cartographic drawings.

2: Mittelmeerland Handbook, a Design Guide for the future and lasting planning of Mediterranean coastal cities, to serve as tool to connect cities and explore share issues with various aspects including ecology, climate, sustainability, culture and nature. The Handbook is developed in a series of international collaborations and workshops in Dubrovnik, Tangier, Alexandria, Istanbul, Tripoli and Haifa. The workshop series started in February 2011 in Dubrovnik and will continue in Tangier this September 2011 and in 4 other cities until 2013.

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